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High-quality, high-speed Internet doesn’t need to break the bank. Our experts can help you find the best possible service – while still allowing you to get cheap high-speed Internet. No matter what your budget is, you can find great high-speed Internet service.

High-speed Internet deals

High-speed Internet prices vary by provider. The newest, best technology – like fiber-optic Internet – tends to be more expensive. Services that require advanced equipment, like satellite Internet, also cost more. Internet providers that use existing technology and minimal equipment – like DSL– are the least expensive.

Prices also vary widely among plans – even from the same provider. High-speed, high-power plans can do a lot more, so they’re more expensive. Slower plans with less support don’t cost as much.

Which is the best high-speed Internet service for you? It all depends on the speeds and features you need – and the budget you set.

Build a bundle

If you’re interested in high-speed Internet packages that can save you even more, consider bundling your Internet service with TV and phone. Bundling your services can save you time – and money.

If your provider offers Internet, TV and phone, you can get all three at once – with one provider, one account and one bill. It’s often cheaper – and always easier – to get your services from the same provider. But even if your provider doesn’t offer every service, they might partner with another company that does.

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