Fiber Optic Internet Service

With fast speeds, and impressive reliability, fiber optic internet service is perfect for large families, shared households, or anyone who is a fan of watching TV and movies, play games online or listen to music. Here are the essentials of what you need to know about fiber optic technology.

How Does Fiber Optic Technology Works?

Unlike the telephones, which are purposed to carry broadband, fiber optic service is personalized for broadband. With this service, the information is relayed in super speed. Unlike other internet services, this technology has little chances of getting slow. In fact, the broadband speed that you get from fiber optic network is faster that what you will get from a traditional connection. However, it is worth noting that the speed of internet might differ depending on the distance of the nearest optic cables to your cabinet. The copper telephone wires that connect the fiber optic cables to your cabinet may be prone to interference, and such this may result in some drop in the broadband speed. In sum, fiber optic is faster than most forms of the internet services around.

Benefits of Fiber Optic Network

Fiber Optic Internet Service is credited with a range of advantages, and they include:

  • Regularly uploads and download large files
  • Play a variety of games online
  • Watch a variety of live TV catch-up services
  • Watch several movies online
  • Access a TV service such as YouView, which is helpful in streaming content from the web
  • Access and utilize video calling services such as Skype regularly
  • Connect multiple devices via Wi-Fi application

Nonetheless, if you are staying alone or living in a small household, and you only use the internet for Facebook and email, you can save money by going for a cheaper fiber optic network. You can check your nearest fiber optic internet providers to see the available options.

Can I Get Fiber In My Area?

One of the shortcomings of fiber technology is that not everyone who wishes to have it installed in his or her home can get it. In some areas, you may have a challenge of choosing from a broad range of providers, where in some areas, you may find that you have any option. Please ensure to check on the coverage map and addresses to see whether your area of residence is one of those that are presently covered by this technology. If you cannot see your areas listed on the map of coverage, and then know that that particular place is yet to be covered by fiber technology.

Why Fiber?

Fiber optic technology is miles faster than cable, DSL, and wireless internet systems. Though there many factors that can affect the bandwidth of this technology, the speed of internet by optic fiber is still outstanding and cannot be compared to other technologies. To get the exact reading regarding the real internet speed, check the and run the test.